Dirty Chai 240g

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Product of Australia 

Experience true cafe indulgence with Arkadia Dirty Chai. 

Arkadia Dirty Chai (Chai Tea & Espresso) features a bitter-sweet infusion of espresso, black tea, and a secret blend of exotic spices for an indulgent pick me up that will put a spring in your step. Traditionally made with hot water or milk, it also tastes amazing as an iced dirty chai or frappe.

This product is free of preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners.

Preparation Instructions

  • Chai Tea: Place 2-3 teaspoons of Arkadia Dirty Chai in a cup (180mL). Just add hot water, stir and enjoy. 
  • Chai Latte:   Place 2-3 teaspoons of Arkadia Dirty Chai in a glass (180mL). Just add hot milk, stir and enjoy. Top off with frothed milk.
  • Iced Chai:   Place 5 teaspoons of Arkadia Dirty Chai in a long glass. Stir in 250mL cold milk and garnish with ice cream. 


What you get: 1 pc Arkadia Dirty Chai with Espresso 240g

How to store: Settling of contents may occur. Keep in a cool dry place. Best used within 4 weeks of opening.

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