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Smoked Mozarella with Spicy Olives 2x120g

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Product of Australia 

Giorgio Liguanti is an Italian cheesemaker based in Australia producing fresh Italian-style cheeses in Thomastown, Victoria. This award winning cheese range is now exported to over 10 countries worldwide. 

Diavoletti it is a very unique and special product. The name translates to “little devils” and it is a small provolina shaped smoked cheese with a single chilli stuffed olive at its centre.

The balance of the mild cheese, with the salty olive and a kick of chilli makes for a wonderfully unexpected taste sensation.

It is a multi-award winning cheese. “A well-crafted, complex cheese exhibiting complementary layers of flavour, showing huge attention to detail by the cheesemaker” said chief judge, Neil Willman.

Ingredients: Cows Milk, Rennet (Non Animal), Citric Acid, Salt, Green Olive, Chilli & Smoking Processed.

Size & Packaging: 120g X 2 

Flavour: Mild with a slightly smoked and olive flavour

Texture: Semi soft and smooth

Serving Suggestions: Great grilled on the barbecue or in a fry pan for a nice antipasto

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