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Guava Nectar 1L

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Best Before: March 11 2021

Product of Vietnam 

Les Vergers Du Mekong sources the best fruit from local farmers in the Mekong Delta to produce its line of Le Fruit brand juices and nectar. 

  • Made with Squeezed Fruit (NEVER from concentrate or reconstitution )
  • Prepared with 970g of fresh fruit (including peel) to get 1 Liter of Juice 
  • NO Pesticide Residue
  • NO Preservatives, No Colorant

NOTE: The difference between Nectars and Juices are its composition. Nectars are usually made with fruits that have a very thick when pressed (do not have a lot of water). That is why you can expect to see water and minimal sugar in the ingredient lists of some nectars. This is to improve the consistency and drinkability of the product. Acerola Cherry is added as a natural antioxidant. 

Ingredients : Fresh guava (27%) Water, Lime (3%) Acerola Cherry (2%) Cane Sugar

 67-samplecert.png Halal certified

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