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Multigrain Sourdough 500g

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Approximate Weight: 500g

Sourdough is a bread made from mixing flour, water and salt.  It is then fermented were it develop lactic acid bacteria that makes it sour and wild yeast.  Every call it differently like for the French, they call it levain, the Italians lievito naturale, the Russians, zakvaska and in Spain or Hispanic countries call it masa madre and the list goes on.  Sourdough is used to describe a process of fermenting flour, water and salt or sometimes, it refers to bread itself.  Sourdough bread is a healthier alternative for regular bread.  It is good for the digestive system as it has prebiotics to keep you gut bacteria happy, nutritious and it may be less likely can spike your blood sugar.

  • If stored in ambient temperature keep it in the paper bag maximum 3 days, make sure it is closed
  • If stored in the freezer wrapped the whole loaf in cling film maximum 1 month to maintain freshness
  • You might want to slice it first before freezing so you can conveniently heat as needed. 


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Customer Reviews

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Czarina Gem Falco


Mary Ann Porquez

Sour Dough is good although a little expensive
Customer service👍

Dianne Gutierrez
not sourdough

Agree with everyone else here. I don't think this is sourdough, it's too soft to be sourdough.


Taste good but it is just a regular bread. Missing that sourdough feels.

Weston Hood
This was not sourdough...

The bread was very good. However, this was NOT sourdough. This was regular whole wheat bread. I know for a fact it was. It did not have the inside appearance or the flavor of sourdough bread. Additionally, the outside was NOT cooked well-done like you would see on a traditional sourdough loaf where the outside has a tough crust. That crust where you can knock on it because its hard while the inside is soft. What I received was soft throughout. I think you sent me the wrong loaf or you're falsely advertising regular bread as sourdough.

Source: I've had sourdough a million times in my life.

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