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Sous Vide Kare Kare Oxtail

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Braised beef oxtail in peanut sauce, served with traditional condiments and steamed rice It is a popular dish in the Philippines served during special occasions.

Contains: 1 bag of oxtail, beef tripe, and kare kare sauce, 1 bag of steamed rice, 1 bag of pakchoy, eggplant, string Beans, 1 container of bagoong (local shrimp paste)

How to prepare:

Step 1 - Boil water in medium-large pot
Step 2 - Add the three bags inside the water
Step 3 - Let the bags in slow boiling water for 8 Minutes
Step 4 - Take a bowl and add first the rice on the bottom
Step 5 - Then put the Kare kare on the side of the rice
Step 6 - then take the vegetables and place on the side of the kare kare

Note: Utensils not included 

Customer Reviews

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Ally Adigue

Agree with the other reviewer. My first order was good, sauce was thick and oxtail was tender. 2nd order was extremely disappointing - sauce was watery and salty. I will not order this again because ordering this is like playing lottery.

Not consistent

Oxtail, the main ingredient, was not used. Instead some tough cubed meat stewed in its place. Very thin tasteless sauce with the minimum of veggies, and half the quantity of bagoong in the already tiny pot. A disappointment after enjoying my first 2 orders of karekare.
‘Not consistent’ also applies to the wonton soup which I order regularly.
Please get your recipes and ingredients right with whoever chef of the day is responsible for cooking these otherwise delicious meals.

Claire V
Great if you live alone!

I always have a hard time ordering Kare Kare because it usually isnt available in a serving size for one but this was perfect for me. I got two pieces of super soft beef and a piece of tripe/callos (my favorite part) and the sauce was tasted very nutty and flavorful. I almost didn't need the bagoong anymore, but it came with a generous amount of bagoong. The veggies were nice and stayed green and fresh. Would order this again!

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