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Sous Vide Kare Kare Oxtail

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Braised beef oxtail in peanut sauce, served with traditional condiments and steamed rice It is a popular dish in the Philippines served during special occasions.

Contains: 1 bag of oxtail, beef tripe, and kare kare sauce, 1 bag of steamed rice, 1 bag of pakchoy, eggplant, string Beans, 1 container of bagoong (local shrimp paste)

How to prepare:

Step 1 - Boil water in medium-large pot
Step 2 - Add the three bags inside the water
Step 3 - Let the bags in slow boiling water for 8 Minutes
Step 4 - Take a bowl and add first the rice on the bottom
Step 5 - Then put the Kare kare on the side of the rice
Step 6 - then take the vegetables and place on the side of the kare kare

Note: Utensils not included 

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Great if you live alone!

I always have a hard time ordering Kare Kare because it usually isnt available in a serving size for one but this was perfect for me. I got two pieces of super soft beef and a piece of tripe/callos (my favorite part) and the sauce was tasted very nutty and flavorful. I almost didn't need the bagoong anymore, but it came with a generous amount of bagoong. The veggies were nice and stayed green and fresh. Would order this again!

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